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What do I put on my Vanity Bag?

What do I put on my Vanity Bag?

I think one of the most frequent questions I get asked on Instagram is how to start creating a good beauty bag. so, What do I put on my Vanity Bag?

We makeupaholics know that a beauty bag is not enough for us, we need to have a beauty room, but what we do know is that a good beauty bag with all-terrain products and some Skincare is essential in our lives.

I usually have them spread out in my handbag, car and my parents’ house, it is a bit of a mess, I know, but if any last-minute plans come up, I know I will have products to be able to go out with good skin.


Both for the more minimalist and the more amateur ones, I thought it would be a good idea to create a toiletry bag with the top products from my dressing table, so that you can get ideas when it comes to creating your own. You can complete it with all the products that I include or simply with some of your essentials. This is a matter of taste and comfort. So here we go:

I always carry some treatment with me just in case, in this case I do recommend that you stock up on mini sizes, the ones you get for free or the ones you buy, and they come with a vanity case, I am sure we have a million samples at home and what better way to use them up.

I will tell you that I love the toiletry bags from Caudalie or Nuxe, like the one I show you in the photo, they bring everything and at an incredible price, I assure you that there is no better option.

I cannot miss Caudalie’s beauty water, its name says it all, it beautifies, moisturises, repulps, and keeps make-up fresh and intact. You can buy the mini size; it is much bigger and better value for money.

Also, if you have combination to oily skin, rice paper is essential, there are many brands and prices, I personally love these Chanel ones, but I admit that the ones that cost a couple of euros will be great for you!

What do I put on my Vanity Bag?, MAKE UP ALWAYS READY

For the make-up part I always carry all the steps, but if you do not usually wear foundation you do not have to include it, the same with blusher or concealer. To make your make-up bag as comfortable as possible, always carry the essentials.


I have been loving XXRevolution’s bright light lately, it is a slightly luminous primer that absorbs and dries quickly, perfect for not having to wait too long for the next step.


Luminous Silk, an all-over foundation with a beautiful, natural, and luminous finish. I do not carry the whole bottle; it would be a pain. In a mini sample bottle, I put enough for a few occasions, it does not spill, and you can apply it perfectly.

Finishing powder:

Soft focus by Jouer. They have a slight blurring effect that conceals imperfections, seals very well and maintains the finish of the foundation, I love them!


My beloved Laguna by Nars, always beautiful. Non-blotchy, buildable and all day long.


For me, one of the essentials in my toiletry bag I carry in my handbag is Chanel’s Reflex shade, which has an immediate good-face effect, and these powder blushes are one of the best on the market.


Natural, but intense. The one from Kiko Milano’s Green me collection looks set to become a must-have of the season. Although right now I am wearing the Dior ones in the shade Nude. It is the perfect highlighter.

Finally, I always include a mascara (I love Maybelline high sky) and a Nars concealer.

By the way, do not forget to include a couple of brushes. I always carry two, one for powder products and the second for cream products. I love the buildable cheek brush because it does a great job of applying bronzer and highlighter with the little tip.

As a tip, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette is one of the products I use the most in my day-to-day life, I always carry it with me, to touch up or to give me a fresh look without makeup. It has various powders that I use depending on the area of my face and the finish is simply the prettiest you will see.

I hope I have cleared up some of your doubts when it comes to putting together your perfect toiletry bag. To avoid breakages, it is essential to carry products with hard packaging and stored in their boxes, and it is essential not to hit them.

What do I put on my Vanity Bag? I’ve already told you, Can you tell me which products are a must in your vanity?

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