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How to get the most out of your cream eyeshadows

It is no secret that I am a real lover of cream eyeshadows and I talk about the versatility and how useful these products can be in your day-to-day life in all my make-up application courses. So, I have decided to go a step further, delve a little deeper into the subject, see how we can use them, and which ones are my favourites. To do so, I have created the following classification: pre-base, main shadow, and topper. Let us take a look!


Some cream eyeshadows are ideal to use as a primer and apply under powder eyeshadows. The cream plus powder formula makes our make-up more intense and long-lasting. But if we do not use the right product or use it wrong, it can become our worst nightmare: patches that never quite blend, shadows that are too greasy and do not set well, shadows that are too dry and crack our make-up… Anything can happen. So, here is my favourite so that nothing like that happens to you.

Paint Pot by Mac in the shade Groundwork on sale at Lookfantastic.

This particular shade drives me crazy on fair skins for a makeup-no-makeup effect and on more tanned skins to unify the tone of the eyelid. For self-application I recommend using it with your fingers, as it blends really well with the heat and once applied it stays put.

As a professional I prefer to apply it with a brush of loose hair from the eyelashes to the eyebrow creating a small blur. The only downside is that they have discontinued it from Mac and now you can only find it at Lookfantastic.

In the image on the left you can perfectly see the veins and colour changes on the eyelid. On the other hand, in the image on the right we can see the change of colour after applying the shadow.

The change in shade is noticeable but subtle, it barely looks like you have put on make-up. I also love it as a primer because the formula is quite dry, which helps powder shadows to set, but does not actually crack the foundation.

Main shadow

I prefer to use other cream shadows as a “main shadow”, i.e., the shadow that will be most visible in our smoky look, and in this classification I have quite a few.

Long lasting eyeshadow on sale at Kiko

A long-wearing, shimmery shadow for a great price. Perfect for those days when you are in a hurry but want to look divine.

I recommend dabbing it on with your fingers or a brush and not directly with the stick, so you spread the product better and it will not build up in the creases.

My favourite shades are Nº46, a duochrome between violet and green, and Nº05, a beautiful champagne shade.

Shadow from 3ina 532

In general, the shadows of this brand have a peculiarity and that is that they are very dry. So much so, that if you overdo it, it can leave your eyelid very dry and it can look like it is cracked.

The 532 is no exception, so my recommendation is to take a small amount of product on a palette or in your hand and apply the minimum amount with a loose brush. They also dry very quickly and once dry I am afraid there is no one who can move it.

It is true that this shade has its disadvantages, but if you learn how to work it, it is well worth it. On the plus side, you will not need primer and it will not budge all day. Plus, the metallic look is beautiful, and the price is very affordable.

Color Fix by Danessa Myricks

Of all the cream products I have tried, the colour fixes are the most versatile of all, as they can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips and mixed with other cream products. They also have different types of finishes that make them even more versatile:

  • Matte: to make a simple smoky look in minutes, use as a primer or eyeliner.
  • Metallic: beautiful metallics with a brutal durability.
  • Glazes: a kind of gloss to achieve that glass effect that we see in photographs and that drives us crazy.
  • Foil: a unique type of metallisation which I will talk about below.

My favourites are the metallic ones, which I usually use as the main shade, and the foil ones, which I usually use as a topper. Here you have a picture of some of the shades that I have and that I find ideal. The one I use the most as the main shade is the Celebration shade.

This versatility that makes them so interesting is perhaps also what makes them more difficult to work with. The variety of finishes, the fact that they are so liquid, that they dry very quickly, the possibility of mixing them with other products… They are probably more suitable for professional use. But if you love the world of make-up and want to embark on this adventure, I will say that you should try applying a small amount with an open brush and blend it quickly. I am sure you will get the hang of it after a few uses.

 Shadow topper

These are those shadows that we put on top of other shadows to give a special touch to our make-up. They do not usually add a lot of colour, but just that finishing touch that makes them sparkle beautifully.

Foil by Danessa Myricks in the shade Alien

The foils are a range within the colour fix range that have a special shine. The shade Alien in particular, has a duochrome shimmer between pink and gold that is simply spectacular. It is a very liquid product that I dab on top of any shadow and once it dries it stays put.

Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow de Hourglass in the shade Aura

This is probably the least creamy of all the products featured, but as it is not a powder shadow either, I have decided to include it in the classification.

It is a very fine glitter, in a pink shade that is both subtle and gives a beautiful glow to the eyes. It is hard to find a glitter that does not look too ostentatious, but this one certainly does. You can simply dab it on with your finger and the effect is wow!

If you are also a fan of cream eyeshadows, let me know which ones are your favourites in the comments below. And one last tip: do not stockpile too many shadows in this format, as they can dry out over time and you will have lost all your investment.

Thank you for having made it this far :)!

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