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summer skin changes

Summer Skin Changes

With high temperatures we can notice certain the summer skin changes. We are sure that more than once you have heard that in summer, lighter textures are more appealing, and this is not nonsense because the skin changes.

We must be aware that our skin is not a static system and that it is constantly changing and, therefore, we must adapt our routine and the products we use to its needs.


These changes in the skin that we are talking about are clearly marked by the climate and we are going to see point by point what they are.

  • Redness: Blood vessels dilate with heat. It can worsen pathologies related to blood circulation such as rosacea. If there is dilation, more blood will reach the area and the skin will become redder. The ideal is to use thermal water to soothe the skin when it starts to blush.

  • Oily skin: High temperatures make us sweat, which is totally normal. And this excess sweating causes the skin to produce more sebum, worsening pathologies such as acne. I have always had dry skin (I have always lived in a fairly dry climate with very cold temperatures in winter and very hot in summer) but now I have come to live in a beach town that has a fairly humid climate now in summer and during the winter it has temperatures of about 10¬ļ. You cannot imagine how much my skin has changed in these months! I have had to readjust my routine several times because my skin has totally changed its needs with the heat.

It is very easy to notice this because it feels like the skin is “spitting out” the cream. It is not that it spits it out, but that it is not suitable for how the skin is at that moment and does not absorb it well. In this case, we should opt for much lighter textures such as serums or essences. Last week I talked about essences, I leave you the link so you can take a look.

  • Stains: Spots come hand in hand with the sun. The sun causes our cells to synthesise melanin and spots are an excess of melanin. This is why sun protection is so important to prevent spots.

If we are a little late and we already have the stain in place, there are several things to bear in mind. The stain will be more visible in summer than in winter because of what we have said about melanin.

We often think that in winter the spots disappear, but this is not the case, they are simply less noticeable. And we must also bear in mind that we must use sun protection on a daily basis. It will not do us any good to have a complete depigmenting routine if the next day the sun is going to hit the area and make the blemish even more visible.

  • Photoageing: To prevent photoageing, as in the previous point, sun protection is essential. In addition, the sun’s rays destroy collagen fibres, so a cream or serum with this ingredient would be very useful to counteract this. If you have been following this site for some time, you will have read more than once that collagen and elastin are the building blocks of the skin and that is why they are so important for wrinkle prevention. Without a good foundation of collagen and elastin.

Do you notice any changes in your skin from winter to summer? Let me know in the comments if you change your routine or if, on the contrary, you do not notice any changes depending on the weather. ūüėČ

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