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SOS HYDRATATION: How heating affects our skin.

In the cold months we usually spend more time at home and especially this year, when we are going to go out a lot less, it is important that we know what consequences being at home with the heating will have on our skin and whether all types of heating affect us equally.

First of all, we must know that from the moment we enter the house or the office on the street, our skin needs some time to adapt to the new temperature, at that moment, we can get dryness, redness due to vasodilatation, rosacea, couperose, and even accelerate the cellular aging processes of our skin.

Now that we know what happens to it when we get to a warm place from a cold one, let us try to put a solution to it first thing in the morning. As I said before, the first thing we will notice in a sudden change in the temperature of our environment is the drier skin, the barrier function of the skin will be destructured and we will have a greater output of water from our cells, so we must provide extra hydration. We can use richer textures and more oily creams than in winters. By this I do not mean that oily skins should use textures that provide more oil, but that the moisturizing cream they use provides that hydration you will need.

I must also emphasize that it is very important to clean because if we have the most dry and sensitive skin we must use a product that is gentle on our skin and at the same time makes a deep cleaning, also, when we use products that are necessary to rinse with water, it is important that it is not very hot or very cold to avoid sudden changes in temperature that I mentioned earlier. And, after cleaning, use a serum and a cream according to the needs of the skin.

It is very common to forget about the lips, but especially in this time and with the sudden changes in temperature they suffer more, therefore, a good moisturizing lip protector is ideal. My advice is to look for one that contains a high percentage of lanolin, which is a moisturizer and a moisturizing substance helps a lot to regenerate the skin, in fact it is the main component of nipple care creams for nursing mothers, with that you can get an idea of the capacity of regeneration of the skin that lanolin has.

One trick you can use to keep your skin from getting so dry when you get home is to use humidifiers. These appliances will make the atmosphere inside your home more humid and will not encourage water loss from your skin so much. Actually, there are some that are beautiful and can be perfect decorative objects, and in some cases you can add essential oils that will give a very special touch to the house.

But is there a specific product that will help me keep my skin moisturised? The answer is yes. The treatment we use both in the morning and at night, we are not going to be able to replenish it all day long, especially if we put on make-up or if we are out of the house. But there is a solution to this problem: many brands have thermal water sprays on the market that we can use at any time of the day and we will feel the skin more comfortable instantly, have you tried them?

And finally, we must be aware that not all heating systems will dry our skin equally, air heating systems will dry our skin more than an electric radiator for example and, moreover, if the air comes from outside, some of the pollution will also enter from the outside, generating dirt on our skin with the consequent clogging of the pores. And we must also take into account the temperature at which we have the heating, the more heat, the more damage to the skin.

Were you aware of how damaging heating can be to your skin? Have you noticed your skin getting drier, rougher in texture, redder or duller in appearance and you did not know what it could be? Let me know in the comments if you are going to take any steps to try and minimise the skin damage from this.

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