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cream with plant retinol

Cream with plant retinol – Mineral Baros

Retinol is the trendy active and the industry knows it. But its irritant potential means that some people cannot tolerate it as well as others. So, the industry has developed ingredients that achieve the same effects as retinol, but without the handicap.

Phyto-retinol. The plant-based alternative to retinol

That is why Bare minerals is launching its ageless line with a very interesting active ingredient: Phyto-retinol. Obtained from the Bidens Pilossa plant.

It has been shown that this active ingredient acts on the same receptors as retinol, which is why it has an effect on skin elasticity, redensifies the dermis, acts on hyperpigmentation and reduces redness, as well as reducing deep wrinkles.

It also has the advantage over retinol of being highly stable against photodegradation and oxidation.

What is Bare minerals, phytoretinol neck cream?

Bare Minerals has harnessed the benefits of this asset and created an entire line called AGELESS.

The neck cream promises to diminish the signs of ageing in this particular area. Thanks to its active ingredient Phytoretinol, it helps with fine lines in the area.

Images from the Bare minerals website comparing the area after 8 weeks of application.

What is Bare minerals, phytoretinol neck cream like?

This cream in jar format has a peculiar consistency, as it seems light due to its mousse appearance but provides a lot of nutrition, being a cream with a lot of body despite its visual appearance.

What is in Bare minerals, phytoretinol neck cream?

 In addition to the phytoretinol we have already talked about, one of the ingredients that are in greater proportion is shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii butter). This gives it that nourishing and ultra-nourishing cream look. Another ingredient present in the majority is squalane, a stable form of squalene, an ingredient with high moisturising potential.

Other ingredients present are hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturiser, cottonseed oil and fatty emulsifiers.

Review @inside_cosmetics. Micaela’s opinion 

 I love this cream. Admittedly, the idea of a neck cream alone is not something I find necessary, so I use it for the whole face in my night routine. Dry skin appreciates it, and if we solve our ageing problems, all the better! Highly recommended for dry to very dry skin.

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