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Daily Facial Routine

Changes in my daily facial routine

How is it possible for skin to change so much from one year to the next? I was thinking about changing my daily facial routine and all the products I have tried these months and I realised that what I was using last year in August has nothing to do with what I am using this year.

So, I am going to tell you what changes I have made so you can see that skin is not static and we can always add and remove steps and change products in our daily facial routine.

New goals in my daily facial routine.

My skin has changed a lot this year. From living in a cold area practically all year round to a much hotter and more humid one, my skin has noticed it and I have had to make some changes in my daily facial routine.

Cleansing is what I have changed the least, I have tried many products, but I will stick with the Caudalie cleansing combo, both the oil as a first step in cleansing to remove make-up, even waterproof products, and the foam that finishes cleansing the skin. Both are also suitable for sensitive skin, and I love them.

Then, both day and night, I use Filorga’s NCEF essence. It helps to improve hydration and radiance. I apply it with my hands directly, you can apply it with a cotton pad, but I like the feeling of doing it with my hands much better and there is less risk of irritation. In addition, the essence will help the serum to penetrate the skin better.

The next step in my daily facial routine is the serum, here I am using three different ones. In the mornings, I really like Caudalie’s Vinosource-hydra SOS. It leaves my skin very hydrated and now that I have oily skin, it does not leave any shine and my skin feels very comfortable. I also alternate it with Endocare’s Radiance C Ferulic Edafence serum, an antioxidant serum that makes my skin look more luminous. The only bad thing is that it makes my skin a bit greasy, so when I finish the whole routine, I have to mattify with powder to prevent shine.

At night I use the best serum I have tried so far, Neostrata’s high potency serum R, what a wonderful formulation. Of course, if you have never used alpha hydroxy acids before, I recommend that you start using it once or twice a week and then gradually increase the number of days you use it so that your skin gets used to the acids. It leaves your skin beautiful, smooth, luminous… in short, GORGEOUS skin.

For the eye contour I have been testing Apivita’s Bee Radiant for a couple of weeks now. I still do not have a well-formed opinion, so I am going to give it a little more time. At the moment I feel the area is moisturised, but I cannot say much more because I have not been able to do much in the last few weeks, I will let you know as soon as I have formed an opinion.

Now comes what strikes me the most: I have not used any cream for weeks now!!!! The serums I have are more than enough. They cover all my needs and as I have much oilier skin, I avoid giving it heaviness. A few months ago, this was unthinkable because without cream my skin felt very tight.

As a sun cream, I have found another treasure, it is the Sun Screen velvet face by Frezyderm, it is totally different to all the ones I have tried so far, it has a super special texture and does not leave the face shiny at all, I recommend it to everyone, it is the best that has fallen into my hands so far.

As you can see, I have changed practically all the products, we will see next year if I keep the same or if I have done a complete overhaul of everything. I hope you like these products as much as I do on my daily facial routine.

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