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Are Jade Rollers really useful

Are Jade Rollers really useful?

I admit that the first time I heard about this device (a couple of years ago) I did not give it any importance and I thought it would be a passing fad. If my “I” of two years ago had been told that I was going to buy one, I sure would not have believed it. But that is the way it is, and today I am going to give my opinion about them. Are they useful? Are they essential? What step should I use them for? I do not want to make spoilers so let us get down to know if are jade rollers really useful.

The jade (or quartz) roller is a device that is used manually and is composed of two stones of this material, one larger and one smaller to make them roll down our face. The large head is designed for the wider areas such as forehead, cheeks, neck or neckline and the small stone for areas such as dark circles or the upper lip.

This device has been used in Chinese beauty routines since the 7th century. Is this the ultimate trick to have skin like them?

Jade Rollers

In relation to its benefits, there are the reduction of wrinkles, the improvement of skin elasticity and blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins, relaxation, reduction of dark circles under the eyes, redefines the facial oval…

In addition to all this, we must count on the fact that we are massaging the skin and will always have positive consequences and contribute to a better absorption of the products and maximize their properties.

A priori, it is all about benefits so why not give it a try?

It is advisable to use it on dry skin, in one direction and in one order:

  • – From the neckline to the neck in an upward direction.
  • – From the neck to the chin also against gravity.
  • – From the chin to the ears.
  • – From the lower cheekbone towards the temples.
  • – From the line of the eyebrows to where the hair starts to grow.
  • – Between the eyebrows.
  • – In the area around the eyes and also on the eyelid.
  • – In the area of the lips.

Personally, I like it much better to apply it when we have some product as it will favour its penetration and it will slide much better on the face. I usually use it after the serum because it is the product that will penetrate to the innermost layers and I think that with the help of massage you will get much better results than if you let it absorb on its own.

It is very important to clean the roller well after application because if we leave it with the product, bacteria and fungus can come out which are undesirable for the skin.

My conclusions after using it for a while are that it does work but that it is not a panacea. That is to say, it does work because we dedicate 5-10 minutes to massaging our face and that will always be positive for our skin. Besides, it is such a pleasant sensation that it does not cost anything, in fact, you feel like dedicating a little time to relaxing while you apply the cream or serum. It gives a fresh sensation, so it decongests and gives an instant “good face” effect (besides, if you keep it in the fridge you will notice this much more and if you have bags in your eyes you will be surprised to see the difference).

So, to answer the questions at the beginning, is it useful? YES, is it essential? NO.

I think it has many benefits and people who like to have a routine, devote time to themselves and pamper themselves, the jade or quartz roller will be a great ally and they will notice the difference in a few weeks, but I do not see the benefit beyond what is the massage itself. It is true that many times we do not massage our faces enough when applying the products and the roller is the perfect excuse to do so. In my case, thanks to the roller, I give myself a massage at night (which I did not do before) and I have noticed that my skin is firmer and my expression lines are a little more blurred.


And you, have you tried these rollers, do you notice any different benefits? Tell all the MLBeauters about your experience with this device and if you understand why they have been successful in China for so long.

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